What is BRT? Body Restoration Technique (BRT) is a non-invasive method of locating and removing energy blockages. BRT uses the body’s reflex points, which are similar to acupuncture points, to help understand why the body is not responding appropriately. BRT does not treat disease or symptoms but helps unblock energy flows to help the body function more appropriately to increase health and vitality.

Acupuncture points have been used for thousands of years to increase energy flows to different organs of the body. He found that if there were energy blockages preventing repair actions within the body then perhaps points could be triggered to increase energy flow and normalize repair functions. Dr. Berg found many acupressure points that could be triggered to stimulate nerve pathways within the body.

The History of BRT: BRT was developed by Dr. Eric Berg who started to research the mechanics of how the body heals and repairs itself and how the immune system, nervous system and brain coordinate to achieve this effect. He started looking at the system of acupuncture reflex points and developed a system to determine energy blockages.

Dr. Berg used muscle response testing to determine weakness in these pathways followed by, specific gentle acupressure triggering techniques are used to increase flow and communication. Using this technique he found that many body complaints started to clear up which included energy level, pain and sleep to name a few. He developed BRT to quickly assess these points to improve the connections between different systems in the body. If one part of the body has energy blockages then excess stress accumulates and lowered function occurs. By removing these interferences and getting the organ reflexes connected with each other improvements can occur.

Body Reflex Points: Each organ, body part and gland has a different connection to the surface of the skin. These reflex points relay a response from a stimulus. If you put your hand on a hot stove a reflex is sent from the brain to the muscles of the arm and hand to stimulate them to contract and remove them from the source of discomfort. Body reflex points are similar in that they can be triggered or stimulated to imbalance send information to a corresponding body region that has an energy or blockage. An analogy would be getting your heart tested using electrodes at the surface of the skin – the heart is being assessed via information transmitted and received through the skin points. The body reflex points can relay electrical information to internal organs and in turn the internal organs can relay information to reflex points on the surface of the skin

Can BRT treat my symptoms? BRT doesn’t treat medical conditions, it doesn’t even treat symptoms. BRT goes beyond the symptoms. Symptoms are an indicator of blockage, dysfunction or miscommunication between the nervous system and endocrine system.

How does BRT work?  The body is basically a living computer composed of a multitude of electrical  circuits, switches, resistors and fuses. It runs at a very specific temperature 98.6 degree F. Most of these circuits in the body are set on automatic. Each energy pathway links to the surface of the skin to the body reflex points are acupuncture points. These acupuncture points have been use by the Chinese for thousands of years. Like a computer the body can be susceptible to viruses, interferences , overloads, blown fuses, shutdown of programs and so forth. Information about the nature and cause of these energy alterations can be assessed through the nervous system. You can use these points as the keyboard to tap into the bio-computer to gain information.

How does the body get energy blockages? The body can be damaged by chemicals, toxins, microbes, injury, poor eating habits, food chemicals, radiation, scars, stress or genetic weakness. All of these things can leave confusion and energy blockages at different locations. For example heavy metals can lodge nerve in tissue, pesticides can lodge in the liver.

Once you find the problem how does BRT correct it?  BRT only uses the triggering of body reflex points, by applying gentle pressure to the points, as its method of correction.

How long does it last? There are multiple parts to a health problem BRT is used to strip the layers of the energy blockages one layer at a time and as each correction is done the more stability occurs. If an energy blockage is found and corrected the symptoms related to that blockage will also be reduced. The nice part about BRT is that it is a superior way of locating and correcting energy imbalances.

How many visits does a person need? The number of visits varies from patient to patient. The first visit evaluation will help give an estimate of the number of visits necessary to get an improvement in the conditions. It could range from one dozen to several dozen in some cases and even more depending on the severity of the problem.

Does my insurance cover it? Unfortunately BRT does not have an insurance code. It takes lots of testing and expense to get insurance codes. We have found that most people would rather invest in something that is less invasive, more natural, and is an alternative approach.

Link to BRT website: http://www.Bodyrt.com