Acupuncture is both effective and relaxing. Some patients experience immediate relief, others need several treatments before experiencing improvements. You can expect to feel some positive change within several sessions.

Your first visit will last approximately one hour. To receive maximum benefit from your first session avoid vigorous exercise, eat  a light snack, and do not drink any alcohol or coffee. Immediately following the teament avoid vigorous exercise for a few hours.

Your first and subsequent visits to Princeton Acupuncture will include a physical examination based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. In addition to asking about your current and previous conditions we will take a detailed history , we will examine your tongue, feel your pulse and palpate areas of pain.

A complete Chinese diagnosis always includes:

  • Examining the color, shape, and coating of your tongue.
  • Evaluating speed, quality, and strength of several pulses at your wrist.
  • Palpating areas of pain to determine disturbances in acupuncture meridians using our Acutron electro-meridian energy analzying device.
  • Analysis of orthopedic conditions.

The frequency of acupuncture treatments depends on the severity of your diagnozed condition. Acupuncture is sometimes given daily or every other day in acute situations that require immediate pain management. A minimal course of treatment for recent ailments and injuires is generally 6-10 visits.

Chronic degenerative conditions may require regular treatment over several years. Treatments are usually spaced once or twice per week since the physiological effect of a single treatment generally last up to three days. Becase of its positive impact on the endocrine, immune, and digestive systems, acupuncture can be used on an as needed basis to mitigate the effects of stress on these organ systems.

Acupuncture when practiced by a licensed pracitioner is an extremely safe modality. There are no serious side effects to this treatment. Princeton Acupuncture uses pre-packaged, pre-sterilized one-use disposable needles. the effect of acupuncture does not diminish over time. It may be used safely and effectively over many years.