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Neck pain is a common complaint that most of us will suffer from at some point in our lives. Some people will suffer from it on an occasional basis while others, less fortunate, will have pain on an ongoing basis. The reasons for neck pain can be numerous. The most prevalent contributing factor to neck pain is degeneration of the lowercervical vertebrae which can result in pain, tightness and decreased range of motion or stiffness. Neck pain is often not directly caused by the degeneration but by other initiating factors for example:

  • Recent or prior auto accidents, falls, sports trauma causing sprains and strains.
  • Previous injuries to the neck from accidents.
  • Occupational stress, working with heavy equipment or repetitive motions.
  • Poor posture – sitting at the computer all day at work.
  • General stress which causes chronic muscle tension ortightness.
  • Arthritis

The main symptoms of neck pain are:

  • Pain radiating into the back of the head or to the shoulderand in extreme cases down the arm.
  • Restriction of the head and neck movement.
  • Pain worse on one side of the head and neck more than theother.
  • Acute pain. Sometimes one may wake up with severe neckpain and limited ability to turn your head often as a result of poor sleeping position.
  • Tenderness of trigger points ( tender points in the muscles that form as a result of previous trauma) around the back of the head and the muscles supporting the neck and head such as the trapezius and cervical  muscles.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic neck pain acupuncture Traditional Chinese medicine can provide a way for you to eliminate your pain and restore normal function to your neck.  The treatment involves an evaluation of the neck and shoulder muscles as well as a whole body approach to rectify other imbalances and underlying causes in the system that may be contributing to the neck pain and tension.

We use acupuncture to help relieve spasms, pain and improve circulation to the muscles. One of our specialties is the Kaufman trigger point pain neutralization technique which is performed in conjunction with acupuncture or without needles for those who would prefer this non-invasive technique for resolving pain

Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture is effective in treating neck pain and improving mobility. With regular treatment the constant pain and diminished range of motion can be normalized.

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